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The Possibilities in the Impossible continued . . .

In April of 2001, Bill had the great pleasure of flying to San Diego and meeting Bobbi at her home, who was 95 years old at the time. "She was a fine and gracious lady and I felt humbled in her presence," Bill said. "She regaled me with two hours of stories of her life."

After seeing Bobbi in person and hearing of her record-breaking flights in her Golden Eagle, Bill's quest was to complete his project so that Bobbi could see it restored to all of its glory. He found renewed energy in light of the fact that such a daring, accomplished and well-known aviatrix was so enthused about his own dream. He worked tirelessly to get the job done, but Bobbi did not get to see the results of his handywork--she passed away on January 24, 2004.

"I'm so sorry that she didn't get to see it," Bill said. "Bobbi would have liked that. She was traveling right up to the end, and I was hoping she'd get to come out."

Although Bobbi did not see Bill's Golden Eagle in person, the airplane brought together two lives and helped to solidify the importance of and old dream and a new one--and the fact that "the impossible" can be accomplished if you dare to try. Bill Rasmussen's Golden Eagle is almost ready to spread her wings. "It just needs a little engine work," he said. He hopes to fly her to the annual EAA Airshow in OshKosh, Wisconsin in 2004. Bobbi will be looking for him in the skies.

Bill Rasmussen owns and manages Rasmussen Chevrolet, a business his father started in 1957.
Bill lives in Mattoon with his wife Vicki, and their three-year-old son John.

Photos by Bill Rasmussen and Nanette Malher
(Click on photos for larger views.)