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Bobbi Trout Scholarship Fund Information

Champion of Women in Aviation One of Bobbi's dreams was to be able to continue to be a champion of women in aviation long after she was gone. We have created the Bobbi Trout Scholarship Fund, through which we will award one aviation scholarship per year to a qualified candidate who would like to further herself in the field of aviation. To date, we have awarded $6,000 to two scholarship recipients.

Currently, we have no scholarships available.

The following is a *list of those who have contributed to the fund in the past:

Specialty Restaurants Corporation, Anaheim, California
Empire Manufacturing Company, Burbank, California
Barbara Hothem, Vacaville, California
Terry L. von Thaden, Savoy, Illinois
Wally Funk, Roanoke, Texas
Lou Anne Gibson, Roanoke, Texas
Kim McClung, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Hazel M. Jones, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Nancy Rosen, Albuquerque, New Mexico
The Ninety Nines of Long Island, Inc.
Ronald and Doris Abbate, Glen Head, New York
Little Buttes Publishing Company, Lancaster, California
Kris Kelly, Nashville, Tennessee
Steff Mahan, Nashville, Tennessee

Special donations have been made in the names of the following people:

Dorothy Baker
John Baker
Fran Bera
Amy Carmien
Julie Clark
Jerri Cobb
Col. Eileen Collins
Louis D'Elia
Lorraine O'Donnell Doyle
Dorothy & Jack Fowler
Wally Funk
Lou Anne Gibson
Cyndi Newburn
John & Mary Northrop
Stan & Kim McClain
Dr. Teri Pall
Linda Peck
Jack Real
Stan & Margie Sponholz
Hazel Trout
Terry L. Von Thaden
Dr. Linda Thompson
Tookies Flying Service
John Underwood

*Many contributions have been made anonymously.

We thank all of our contributors and hope to provide scholarships again soon.