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Help Find Bobbi's Missing Memorabilia!

Bobbi in Missing Hemet and Goggles Bobbi had an unending smile on her face most of her life, but one thing that made her quite unhappy was the fact that many of her most treasured items had disappeared from her collection of memorabilia. Her scrapbook--full of original photographs, letters signed by important people of the day (such as those from her friend, Amelia Earhart), newsclips, etc.--and many items such as her flying pins, awards and medals, were out of her possession for many years.

Bobbi recently regained possession of her memorabilia, but with great sorrow, she found that many things she loved were damaged or missing. We are hoping that by posting a list of the missing items on her website, they might be returned to Bobbi's estate, so they may be put on display as she so desired. Bobbi was making a complete inventory of everything and looked forward to seeing a full list of the missing items posted to her website prior to her untimely death on January 24, 2003.

Below is partial list of the missing items with some descriptions. Proof of existence can be seen in photographs and reprints of documents in the book, "Just Plane Crazy," a biography of Bobbi first published in May of 1987. If you have seen or know the whereabouts of any of these items, please email us with any information you have; this is one piece of unfinished business we intend to try to finish for Bobbi. More items will be posted with photos as we complete the list. (Page numbers denote proof of the item as seen within "Just Plane Crazy.")

  • Flying Helmet and Goggles -- The mauve helmet and goggles matched Bobbi's taylor-made fuchsia flying suit, and were used in her record-breaking flights. (as seen on page 145)
  • Missing Promotional Photo -- Original promotional photo taken of Bobbi in 1931. (as seen on page 195)
  • Original signed list of the First Women's Air Derby Contestants -- Signatures include Amelia Earhart, Florence (Pancho) Barnes, Louise Thaden, Gladys O'Donnell. (as seen on page 117)
  • Signed Letter from Amelia Earhart -- Written on Cosmopolitan stationery, this letter is from Amelia to Bobbi and congratulates Bobbi on her Second Endurance Flight of 17 hours. It is dated February 13, 1929. (as seen on page 87)
  • Signed Letter from Amelia Earhart -- a signed letter from Amelia to Bobbi dated November 25, 1931, concerning forming a women pilots organization, in addition to the Ninety-Nines, which had already been formed. The letter is printed on printed stationery that reads, "AMELIA EARHART" at the top, and the address, Locust Avenue, Rye, New York, is typed, as is the letter. (as seen on page 230)
  • Signed Portion of Western Union Telegram -- the signature portion of this telegram was signed by Amelia Earhart in 1932, and is missing. The telegram is asking Bobbi if she did or did not earn money to pay for flying lessons because Amelia was writing a book at the time and wanted any "details" of interest. (as seen on page 231)
  • Missing pages from Pancho Barnes letter -- a signed, personal letter written to Bobbi from Pancho years after their flying days were over. (as seen on pages 293 - 294
  • Howard Hughes Medallion -- Bobbi was the first woman to receive the coveted Howard Hughes Memorial Award in 1996. The Medallion is missing.
More items may be added to the list as we gather information. We hope you'll be our eyes and ears concerning Bobbi's possessions and any aviation memorabilia Ebay auctions, private autograph dealers' inventories, private collections, etc. We have no idea why these things were not kept with her original collection, but we suspect that it has more to do with human greed than human error.

Thank you for your help.