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Life with Bobbi
(A letter from the Webmaster)

Flying Condors On February 21, 2003, I boarded a Southwest Airlines flight bound for San Diego as I had done only three months prior to visit Bobbi Trout. As the plane taxied down the runway, my mind was flooded with thoughts of Life with Bobbi and I began to wonder how I was going to reconcile Life without Bobbi. I wiped away a conspicuous tear and pulled a copy of the Southwest Airlines Spirit magazine from the back of the seat in front of me. The book fell open to an earmarked page 107 and an article by celebrity motivator Jim Loehr. My eyes fell to a sentence that read: "We're not remembered by the time that we spend, but for the energy that we brought to the time that we had."

I had to smile. It was as if Bobbi were saying the words to me, making me realize that she was still here--her energy would live forever, because Life with Bobbi was that--Life--and then some! She had boundless energy that radiated and penetrated. Whether she was setting world records in airplanes in her early flying days, starting businesses, inventing gadgets, and later, recounting it all, her enthusiasm and love of life was contagious. She was, at 97, as engaged and determined as ever, and she was always looking forward to the future.

The woman never met a stranger. She opened her arms to all who wished to feel safe in her fold. And so it was that in the preparation and ultimate celebration of Bobbi's Life on Sunday, February 23, 2003, at Burbank Airport's Hangar Number 34, the flock of fortunate came in search of that Bobbi Trout energy once again. Through each hour leading to the event and during, she could be felt--in the air, in the efforts of every tireless helper and in the eyes of those who loved her.

If you knew her personally, you were blessed. But even if you didn't, her spirit surrounded you with the anxiousness of human potential and possibility. Memories were shared and deep feelings expressed. The ultimate climax arrived with a champagne toast outside Hangar 34--200 glasses raised to an American icon--as the Van-Nuys based Condor Squadron, flying vintage AT-6 Texans, flew the "missing flyer" formation. With a magnificent show of strength and grace, one airplane peeled slowly off into the Western sky, and we watched as it faded into the clouds, signifying Bobbi's final flight home.

But do not close the book on the Bobbi Trout story. Life with Bobbi is never ending. Her energy is with all of us who have been entrusted with the honor of passing this extraordinary spirit on to the world.

  • Engage yourself!
  • Live in every moment!
  • Trust others and be trustworthy!
  • Love with abandonment--with less concern for yourself than others!
  • Rejoice in the power of the human spirit!
  • Reach for the stars!
  • Live!
And you will always know the power of "Life with Bobbi."

--Nanette Malher, Bobbi's Webmaster